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Thanks to our comprehensive know-how in the high-precision engineering production and our activity on the international market, we offer you the right place for the personal and professional development.

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Dual education

The AWU has been training apprentices as part of dual training since last year. In 2022 we signed an agreement with the secondary technical school in Prešov for the preparation of students in the following fields of study:

In our new hall, we offer students practical lessons and professional training using modern technologies under the guidance of experienced trainers and practitioners. Other benefits include financial motivation in the form of a scholarship and rewards for productive work.

After completing the dual training, graduates have the opportunity to apply their skills at AWU company as well as in other mechanical engineering companies. We hope that this will remedy the shortage of skilled workers. 3 – 4 new apprentices are to be added each year; the apprenticeship lasts 4 years.

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