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AWU’s Precision Products Serve Industries Across the Globe, from Europe to Asia and Africa

AWU was founded in Germany in 1962 and was for a long time involved in the production of 6 m long, grinded and hardened h6 shafts, which were used as guiding shafts worldwide. Later, these shafts were adapted to customer requirements by turning, milling, grinding and others and the production expanded with other products as bars, columns, tie rods and rolls. Today AWU is located in Eastern Slovakia near the High Tatras.

In 2019, a modern production hall with 3,000 m2 production area and the corresponding offices for a total of currently 70 employees was built on an area of 14,000 m2.

AWU’s Dedication to Quality: 100% QC and Modern CNC Machines for Precise and Reliable Parts

AWU has around 600 customers, half of them order regularly, either once a year or up to three times a week. We manufacture in small batch sizes from a quantity of 1, but there are also frame contracts with regular deliveries distributed throughout the year. Around 35,000 parts leave the factory every year. With a 100% QC measurement of all tolerated dimensions, we try to guaran-tee that very few of them will be returned with a complaint.

The products - shafts, guiding columns, bolts, mandrels and rolls are made out of round steel and are mostly hardened, grinded, cylindrical and have very fine tolerances down to a few µm. All essential processing steps from cutting to straightening, induction hardening, turning, milling, deep hole drilling and grinding take place at AWU on most modern CNC-machines. For surface coatings and bigger deep holes we cooperate with partner companies. The raw material is sup-plied by well recognized, reliable Western European manufacturers and retailers.

AWU: Investing in Technology for Sustainable Growth and Fastest Delivery Times in the Market

We communicate with customers by e-mail and telephone. In addition to Slovak, our sales staff also speaks fluently German and English. Offers without external cooperation usually arrive the customer after 3 to 4 days. The delivery times are optimized by using a modern electronic con-trol station in connection with our SAP system.

As part of sustainable growth, investments are regularly made in the latest production technologies since the wage advantage over other countries will decrease and our competitive situation shall be strengthened.

Our target is to become the fastest supplier in our market soon, so that our customers are able to build their machines in the shortest possible time.

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